The book I've wanted for SO long!

Hola Lexicans! Today I'm giving you a... murder mystery *encourages audience* *oooooo* First Class Murder!

Meet Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells - best friends, and members of the of the Wells and Wong Detective Society. Taking a holiday on the famous 'Orient Express', Hazel promises 'no more investigating'. But after they find out a spy is aboard the express, they can't help being curious. And then when a lady is found murdered in her locked room, this may be the Detective Society's trickiest, and most interesting investigation yet!


Anything which says MURDER on the first page, will always grab my attention immediately! I absolutely murder mysteries, and I'd heard so much about this series, so when The Guardian: Children's Books, sent it to me, I was VERY excited! This book, though hard to get into, is very gripping, and intruiging! The author drops clues along the way, to allow you to interacte with the book; guessing about who committed the murder, even if you do get it wrong!!! For all murder lovers aged 9 - 12, this is a must!!

Thanks to the amazing Guardian Children's Book Site, for sending me this book! If you join them, you could be getting books through your post-box too!


  1. That sounds like a really cool book!

    1. Thanks, and it really is! I TOTALLY recommend it to you! <3

  2. Ooh, a mystery series! I haven't read one of these in awhile... Is it a part of a series? :)

    xoxo Morning

    1. Thanks Morning, and yes it is part of a series (although this is the 3rd one, after Murder Most Unladylike, and Arsenic For Tea)! I'd really recommend it!


  3. Guardian sent me this too! I have actually not read murder most unladylike or arsenic for tea. But my friend says its fine to read the last one first. It is a proper mystery and quite challenging. (Not to read to solve)


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