GOODBYE SUMMER: My autumn playlist + a summer photo diary

Hey!! It's now mid September which means, sadly, summer is nearly over. Whilst I do love the atmosphere in autumn, summer is definitely my favourite season so I'll be sad to see it go!! For today's post I thought I'd say farewell to the sunny season with a roundup of my favourite photos from the last few months, and I decided to share my new playlist for this autumn at the end of this post. Here are the photos:

So, those are some of my favourite pictures from summer '20! Obviously this wasn't the summer any of us imagined we'd have at the beginning of the year (thanks corona!!), but I still had such a lovely time.

And now, to help me get into the autumn vibes, I decided to create a cute little playlist. Whilst most of the songs aren't specifically about fall, they all give me those kinda vibes!! So here's my autumn mix for 2020:

September Song - JP Cooper

Wake Me Up - Avicii

Take Me To Church - Hozier

Red - Taylor Swift

Tears Dry On Their Own - Amy Winehouse

Just You And I - Tom Walker

betty - Taylor Swift

Still Into You - Paramore

Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine

Rolling In The Deep - Adele

Tears (feat. Louisa Johnson) - Clean Bandit

September - Earth, Wind & Fire

Sweater Weather - The Neighborhood

Ghost - Ella Henderson

Riptide - Vance Joy

Eyes Wide Open - Sabrina Carpenter

So that's my way of saying goodbye to the summer!! I hope you enjoyed this post. Did you recognize any of the songs on my playlist? Do you make a playlist for each new season? Are you excited for autumn? Let me know in the comments!

Lexie x

The Beauty Items I Would Recommend to a Beginner

Hey everyone! Today’s post is all about makeup and skincare, so if you love beauty or you want to get into it a bit more... then this is for you!! I know that a lot of my readers are super into their makeup, but I know that many others would consider themselves beginners, so today I have compiled a list of the Beauty Items That Everyone Needs To Have (Including Beginners). Now I’m certainly not an expert MUA, but I have been doing makeup for about 4 years now, so I guess I know a thing or two and I thought I’d share my must-have products.

I know lots of people use brushes for blending out foundation and concealer, but I personally swear by my beauty blender... I think it gives a more airbrushed effect. I actually also own the original BeautyBlender as well, which is good but very expensive (I think it’s like £18 for one sponge!!), so for beginners I’d definitely say that the Real Techniques dupe is a great equivalent (and for under £5 it won’t break the bank!).

Makeup storage

As my makeup collection has grown over the years, I found it really hard to find a good storage option, so I was really excited when Ellis James Designs sent me their Makeup Train Case. I keep most of my products in my Ikea drawers, but I keep all my essentials in this makeup bag and it’s been such a lifesaver!! It’s perfect for anytime I’m travelling and need to bring makeup, and it means that all my favourite products are in one place. EJD sell loads of lovely, luxurious makeup storage solutions and I know that currently you can get a 50% off coupon for some of their products (including the Makeup Train Case).

*I was gifted the product but I do genuinely love it and as always, all words/opinions are my own*

Strobe cream 

Strobe creams are a great product to own because they can be used in so many different ways... sometimes I’ll just pop some on my face when I’m not wearing any other makeup, sometimes I mix it in with my foundation to make my base more dewy and sometimes I use it as a liquid highlight! I have the MAC strobe cream, however it is £26, and MAC aren’t cruelty free. I haven’t tried any other options, but a bit of research leads me to believe that the Nyx Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator is supposedly a good dupe (and it’s a cruelty-free, more affordable product).

Eyelash curler

I went sooo long without an eyelash curler and I honestly don’t know how!!! They are such an essential and make your lashes look a lot better. I know loads of places sell them and they’re not pricey. This rose gold one from Superdrug is £3.49.

Lip gloss

I know it seems obvious but lip gloss is such an essential! If you want to splurge, I very highly recommend the Fenty Beauty gloss bomb, it comes in a few different shades and is so so pretty. However, lip gloss isn’t something you necessarily need to splurge on - these Revolution lip glosses are £5 each and apparently very good (I haven’t tried them so can’t give a definite opinion.. but the reviews sound positive).

Burt's Bees deep cleansing cream

I talk about this cleanser at any opportunity I can because I love it!! Wearing makeup isn't the best for your skin, so it's super important to have a good cleanser to remove all the extra dirt and makeup.


So there you have it... the beauty items I would recommend to a beginner! Do you have any of these? Are you super into makeup or not? Which products would you recommend? Thanks for reading.


Teen Girl Gift Guide

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, last month was my 16th birthday, and leading up to my birthday I had lots of lovely friends and family asking me what presents I'd like. All year round I have stuff on my wishlist, but suddenly I couldn't think of anything (typical!), and I know that other people often have the same problem. So for today's post I thought I'd make a little gift guide of things you could get teenage girls for their birthday (or any other celebration). The things on this list vary in price, so hopefully this will be helpful for anyone who's stuck with what to ask for/give. *Note: this is called a 'teen gift guide', but that's just the general title... these items could be appealing to people of any age/gender identity.* This post is a collab with Silhouette London, who gifted me a few items, but this is not an ad and as always, all opinions are my own.


Candles are such a great gift to get someone if you're not sure what they'd like, as in most cases you can't go wrong with a nice candle. Silhouette London currently sell two on their website; I picked out the Summer Picnic one and it smells incredible (and it's pink so looks super cute as well)!! The candles are £10 each so definitely more on the affordable side of the gifting spectrum.


Jewellery is such a classic present; whether it be earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings or anklets. From Silhouette London, I picked out an earcuff (which is basically like a cartilage hoop, but you don't need the piercing to be able to wear it... perfect for anyone without a cartilage piercing who still wants the look of one) and also the most sparkly earrings everrr! They're called the Shamballa Ball Crystal Earrings and they are a gorgeous icy blue colour.


Now, clothes are always more of a risky one when it comes to gift-giving because of sizing and taste, but if you know the person you're buying for well, then they can make perfect presents. Silhouette London specialise in prom, occasion and bridesmaid dresses, but they do also have a lovely range of casual wear. I picked out the Ditsy Daisy Mini Dress and it's definitely going to be my go-to dress for this summer... the design is so pretty and the quality is really good. I also really like the look of the White Broderie Anglais Dress and the Frayed Blue Denim Skirt. You can check out the whole 'Teens Relaxed Party Style' range here.

Me wearing the Ditsy Daisy mini dress from Silhouette.

Bath bombs

This is a gift idea I wish I'd thought of before my birthday as bath bombs are just so much fun!! I love the look of Silhouette's watercolour set.

Skincare items

I love receiving skincare items, so I couldn't compile a gift guide without mentioning some!! My favourite products which I think would make good presents are the Clinique Moisture Surge  (a pricier product) and the Mario Badescu rosewater spray (more affordable, so great if you're on a tight budget).

Moon mirror

I think mirrors which are cool shapes are a super fun way to spice up a room, so this moon mirror from Amazon could be a great gift for a teen girl. Room decor in general is such a thoughtful gift, so you could also look at getting them LED lights, prints, blankets or plants.

Phone cases

I love getting new phone cases and switching them around to fit with my outfit. I really like Caseable cases (*I have had two previously gifted to me*) as they're so pretty and protective. My favourite of theirs is the Daisy Chain case.

So that's the end of my teen gift guide! I hope you all enjoyed this post and some of you hopefully found it useful?! What's on your wishlist at the moment? Remember to go and check out the amazing Silhouette London. Thanks for reading!



Dear 11 Year Old Me... (responding to a letter I wrote to myself 5 years ago)

Hey! Today's post is super exciting and one that I've been waiting to write for 5 years (literally!). So 5 years ago, I wrote a blog post called 'Dear 16 Year Old Me' (which is actually my most viewed blog post of all time!)... and for those of you who don't know, I turned 16 a few weeks ago. I thought today I would write a response to that letter, as it was really funny and weirdly emotional to read. 

I've copied and pasted the letter here, and then added my responses in bold.

Hello Lexie,

I'm Lexie - but you know, the 2015 version! You'll be 16 now, and I hope you still have this little blog. Is it still called What Lexie Loves? I'm thinking about changing it at some point, but I'm not too sure! And if you aren't still blogging, you are going to load and start a new one right NOW! Got it?

Hahaha, yes I still have WLL and it's still got the same name!!

How are you doing? I hope you haven't done anything stupid, like dyed your hair a ridiculous colour! What do you want to be when you grow up, right now I want to be a full-time blogger and reviewer, or a director, I hope you are on your way to achieving this!

I'm doing well:) We're actually currently in the middle of worldwide pandemic which is kinda crazy, but life is good (and no I haven't dyed my hair a wacky colour... yet!). I'd still love to be a full-time blogger or work in the TV/film industry as a director, but the industries I'm currently interested in are PR/communications or journalism.

If you are still blogging, how many pageviews do you have now? I'm just under 30,000!

Over 120,000 :)

I wonder if Taylor Swift is still your favourite celebrity! SHE IS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Right?

I absolutely loved reading this part of the letter, because I literally had my Taylor Swift playlist on when I first read this on my birthday. She's still fabulous and releasing amazing music.

And what about Zoella, I hope she's still YouTubing! She's probably on 15 million subscribers now! OOOH AND SHE'S PROBABLY GOT MARRIED TO ALFIE DEYES! MAYBE SHE'S HAD CHILDREN TOO!!!!

I love the all caps here... you can tell I was a big Zoella fan! She's still posting videos on her second channel and her main channel has 11 million subscribers, so not quite 15mil but still a lot!! And no, she actually hasn't got married to Alfie (although they are still together!) or had kids yet.

How's school doing? Do you still have the same best friends as now (shoutout JE, TP, EO, DB, CW, MW, MS, GW, GG, ISG, EC - and sorry if I missed you out <3), I really hope you do!
If you have a boyfriend make sure he is nice and not too overcontrolling!
I'm not super close with all those people, but 4 of them I still consider my best friends now!! I've made lots of lovely new friends as well. And nope... I don't have a boyfriend hahaha!!

Anyway, I'm going to go now, you are probably studying for your GSCEs or A-levels, or something!
Unfortunately, my GCSEs were actually cancelled because of the pandemic, so I don't have anything to study for right now (although I'm going to get started on my A-level work while I have the time!).

Bye xxxx

- Lexie, the 2015 version

Bye! - Lexie, the 2020 version.


So there you have my 2015 letter, and the updated responses! I hope you enjoyed reading this and hearing how my life has changed. I've got lots of super exciting posts lined up, including a gift guide and birthday haul, so watch out for them. In the meantime, check me out on Instagram: