12 March 2014

Awarding the Lexie's

With the Oscars been announced a few days ago I decide to give a few of my own awards: the Lexie's. I will be awarding things like Best Book ever and my favourite Best Blog.  So here goes.

Best Kids TV show. Hmmmm - I've watched a lot of TV programmes.

 I think I'll go with Sam & Mark's Big Friday Wind Up because I love both presenters and think the show is so funny. Plus it's on a Friday so I give it an extra Mark for that - get it?, Mark as in the presenter!!!!

Best Book Ever - now I know this will be extremely hard; I've read so many books.

 It has to be Wonder by R.J. Palacio followed closely by A Year Without Autumn by Liz Kessler. Wonder is a book all about kindness and is really touching and A Year Without Autumn is just so clever, amazingly written and thought out.

Best Author

The best author is Dame Jacqueline Wilson because she's written so many books including Diamond and The Story of Tracy Beaker and all the books of hers that I've read I've thoroughly enjoyed. As well as I love The Official Jacqueline Wilson Magazine - it's really great.

Best Singer

This has to be Taylor Swift - she's absolutely amazing and has a great, pure voice and I love most her songs.

Last but not least I'm awarding the Best Blog, this one is a real toughie because I visited and seen many blogs - lots of which I've loved so I'm going to do 3.
1. Childtastic books, a mother and daughter reviewing books in their own opinion. Great to see from an adults point of view as well as a child's.
2. Feed Me Books Now, I like this blog because they're great book reviews and I love the One Word thing - brilliant idea.
3. Press with Jess, Jessica does and experiences many things - and then writes about them in a fab way

(by the way those 3 aren't in any order)

I also really recommend for budding bloggers Kids Blog Club - it's been such a help for me so I would mention it in my Lexie's thank you speech!

What awards would you give?


  1. Awesome! But lexie you forgot to put in my epic blog!!
    Check it out at http://molly.mails@wordpress.com
    See you there! (so cheesy by the way!)

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