Girlboss Appreciation - Let's Talk PASSION ft. Nabila Eve

Hey! I have taken the longest hiatus from my blog without realising, and it makes me feel so upset and even a bit guilty. I've still been super active on my Instagram though, so if you want more insight into my life and how my summer has been, go check me out there: Anyway, lately I've been really thinking about the word PASSION. What am I passionate about? What are my life goals? What do I want to be known for? Having passions is what keeps me motivated, and I think it's so important to care about something. So, I have started a new chatty interview series where I talk to some other girlbosses about them and their passions + goals. Hopefully, this will empower teen girls all around the world and get you thinking - what's your passion? This first instalment is with a great blogger friend of mine - Nabila from Nabila Eve.

Hey Nabila! Could you introduce yourself and your platform briefly?

Hi! My name is Nabila and you can find me by searching nabilaeve on Instagram, Youtube and my blog! I am a teen girl who just recently started high school and I post mostly lifestyle content about productivity, fashion and travel.:)

What are your passions? What are your driving forces and motivations?

I love photography, writing and producing new content! My motivation is absolutely my lovely followers. Whenever I get an email or DM saying that I inspired them to start a to-do list or their own blog, my heart feels so so happy.

Do you have any big goals? What are you doing to try and achieve them?

Regarding everything online, one of my biggest goals is to grow on YouTube and actually establish a community. With school starting, it's been a little bit hard to find time to work on YouTube but by writing everything down and planning out my day, I'm slowly but surely growing!

What worries you?

On a day to day basis I worry about normal things like people not liking me. Because I just recently started high school and I consistently post on my YouTube channel, I'm kind of scared that someone from school is going to find my channel and make fun of me for it. My biggest fear though is definitely everyone in my life forgetting about me, but me still being there. I know that could never happen but I rely so heavily on my friends and family that there is no way I could come back from something like that.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Since I'm 14 now, in ten years I'll be 24! At that time I would have probably just recently graduated college/be in some sort of grad school. I definitely want to have either a job or internship (if that's a thing you do at 24?!) in some sort of marketing/digital field.

What's the most interesting fact, statistic or story you have ever heard?

Probably that the average 4 year old asks over 400 questions a day. As we grow up we stop asking as many questions. This is a combination of us starting to be the elders in the room and also just knowing more about life. I think we should learn from the 4 year olds though and not be afraid to ask questions because that's how we continually grow and learn. Especially in school, it's very important to ask questions when you don't understand something as it helps you not get behind and shows the teacher that you're actually paying attention.


So those are all the questions I had for the fabulous Nabila! She is a great content creator and motivator - go check her out on Instagram, Youtube and her blog. I thought what she said about asking questions was so interesting. Particularly as teenagers, I find that it's not as socially acceptable for us to ask questions and wonder about why certain things work certain ways... we are made to just accept everything with no second thought, when sometimes things and ways of life need to be challenged and questioned.

If you are a teen girlboss with a passion and would like to be interviewed or do a collab with me for this series, DM me on Insta or drop me an email:

Lexie x


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