Ideas for the weekend: Gangsta Granny

Hola Lexicans! Yesterday I went to see Gangsta Granny at the Wycombe Swan, and tickets are still on sale so it would definitely be a fun thing to do this weekend if you live near Wycombe

Gangsta Granny is an award-winning book by the very popular comedian, David Walliams. It tells the story of Ben and his boring granny that he has to visit every Friday and because of this Ben dreads Fridays, unlike most people! Until he finds out that his granny has a dark secret. She's also a gangsta... David's books are always hilarious, lightweight and easy-to-read, so no matter how old I get I will also love them. Gangsta Granny was also adapted into a film in 2013 which was equally as funny and popular amongst families. Now it has been adapted into a play and I was lucky enough to go and see it.

Before I went, I had a concern about whether it was going to live up to the film. Normally when I watch a movie and then the theatre production, it's often disappointing because of the change in actors. As I particularly loved all the actors in Gangsta Granny, I was very much expecting it to be a bit weird with different people playing the characters but actually, this was soon forgotten and I fell in love with the other actors too, which I was not expecting.

David Walliams Gangsta Granny
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One of things I loved most about this play was the use of set, lighting, music and just how it came to life overall. The set was very cleverly put together, by just flipping one piece of set around the whole stage would be transformed, and they were very innovative with the set, using things like sheets of blue as sea, which I thought looked really cool. Also, when changing from one scene to another instead of just dimming the lights and everyone moving around into the next position, they'd play music and put bright lights up with Ben's parents dancing across the stage, which I thought was a very cool idea.

Finally, I loved this because it captured how funny the book was perfectly. Because Gangsta Granny was such a hilarious and popular book, I thought it would be hard for the theatre adaption to capture all the scenes whilst still providing the watcher with all the laughs they'd get from reading the book, with its slapstick comedy. And, beneath all the laughs, the play provides a very important message about not forgetting the elderly, which I thought was very sweet!

Overall, I would 100% recommend going to see this play if it stops off at a theatre near you (you can see all the theatres it will be showing at here: as I can guarantee that if you liked the book, you'll love the play. Also, it is just as entertaining for adults as it is for children - my mum loved it too!

Thank you to the Wycombe Swan for giving me the opportunity to come and watch the play - I loved it!


My dream bedroom

Holaaa Lexicans! Yes I haven't posted in ages. And yes I feel awful about it. If you have read my blog for about a year now, you will know that back in the December of 2015 I did a Room Tour as I had recently redecorated my room and painted it mint green. Now, a year later, I am still in the process of perfecting my room and so today, I decided to compile a list of things I would love to complete my 'dream' bedroom.

Allyson Johnson Mint Stripes Clock - $29.00
Image result for allyson johnson clock

I love Allyson Johnson's products, as a lot of them are mint green which fits with my room perfectly, and this clock is so nice! It is from the US, so quite hard to get personally here in the UK because the shipping is $39.95 (£31.70) so it isn't worth it, but if I ever see it somewhere cheaper, I may just pick one up!

Star Light - ranges of prices

Image result for star light up
These star lights have been becoming more and more popular but I'm hunting for the perfect one! BHS (before they closed down of course) did a beautiful star lamp but it was £95 so obviously I didn't get it. I have seen other star lamps around for cheaper but I want it to be a substantial size too! Yes, I'm picky:P

Light up L light - ranges of prices

Image result for light up l light

This is obviously very similar to the star light but it's in an L shape. Again I haven't yet found a nice one for a good price, but it is on my Christmas list so hopefully my parents will find a good one and maybe get it for me:)

The Motivated Type - quote prints - £6.50 (A5) or £13 (A4)

Image result for notonthehighstreet quote prints the motivated type
I love and I love cute quote prints, so when I saw The Motivated Type's prints, I fell in love. This is one of many of the amazing prints that they do and that I think it would make a beautiful addition to my room.

So those are the tops things I'd love to buy and add to my bedroom! What else do you like in your room? Do you want or have any of these?


Find Your Happy Place - Trolls

Hola Lexicans! Ahh I haven't posted for like 10 days, I have been procrastinating so much more lately, and I've watched a LOT more YouTube (NaNo is going to be interesting at this rate!). Anyway, today I'm back and I'm going to be reviewing the film Trolls which I went to see yesterday with my friends.

Now, when I first saw the trailer for the movie and my mum suggested we went as a family, I was sceptical (so we saw The Secret Life Of Pets instead) but then my best friend invited me to go and see Trolls with her, so I went in the end (and I'm glad I did). To sum it up briefly, Trolls is about Princess Poppy and all her troll friends who are always happy, and the evil Bergens who eat trolls to make them happy. All the trolls try to run away, but when some of Poppy's closest friends get captured, she knows she must rescue them, no matter how hard it is.

(the official Trolls trailer)

This film is very funny and has a great plot line. Normally in films (even ones I love), I think there are parts that are quite long-winded, but I didn't find that at all whilst watching Trolls. I really liked the characters, they all had a good part and were very well-rounded. There was a lot of songs in there, and although they were good, maybe they could have cut down just a tiny bit. Whilst the ending was quite predictable, I still liked it all the same and it was very entertaining.

This would make a great day out for families with younger children (the target market is around 5-12 I would say). It is comical and I think parents would enjoy it too.

Have you seen this? Do you want to?