Top Photography From My Camera Roll

Hola Lexicans! So lately, I've been really getting into my photography, and on the way to Blackpool a few weeks ago, I was going through the camera roll on my phone and I realised I have a lot of photos, that I really like but that are just a little random (as in there's not enough of one topic for me to have a whole blog post dedicated to it, but I want to share it with you further than just through an Instagram post), so I have rounded up a randomly organised collection of some of my favourite photos taken on my phone. I do actually have a camera, and use my dad's regularly as well, but these are photos just on my phone (if you'd like a part 2, where I show my camera photos, let me know!).

on a port in France!

driving to our main destination in France

A diner we stopped off at on our way to Las Vegas:)

Vegas babyyyy;)
streets of Blackpool

whoosh, bang, pop!
loved the warm lighting that day and all of a sudden I was obsessed with photographing guitars aha
So those are just some of my favourite photographs I found when scrolling through my camera roll. I actually really love some of these! What do you think? Which are your favourites? I'll be back soon with another Christmassy themed post:)


25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas

Hola Lexicans! So today is the 13th of November, and in my eyes it is getting very near to Christmas, so I'm starting to do more and more festive things (buy gifts, decorate my room, write my wishlist etc etc) and that means you will definitely see me doing more Christmassy blog posts (although for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, don't worry you won't be left out, as I'll have a variety still) and I thought to kick off my Christmas blog posts I would actually share with you the Christmas blog posts I have lined up so for the rest of you bloggers out there stuck with what festive posts you can do, I have compiled a list of 25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas.

1. Christmas Wishlist
2. Your Christmas Traditions
3. Christmas Jumper Collection
4. Christmas Songs Playlist
5. Letter To Santa
6. A Recipe For Any Baked Goods You Like To Make Around Christmas
e.g. gingerbread, Christmas cookies, cinnamon muffins
7. DIYs On Room Decorations
8. New Year's Resolutions
9. Gift Guides
this one is great as you can do a few different types (e.g. on a budget, for grandparents etc etc)
10. Last Minute Christmas Presents You Can Make Yourself
11. Look Books
12. Christmas Make-up Tutorials
again this is a good one, as you can do a variety of looks
13. The Best Advent Calendars
14. Gift Swap With Another Blogger
(honestly would lowkey love to do this ahah)
15. Christmas Giveaway
I know it's not a masterpiece BUT I MADE THIS (I suck at graphic design and it's still pretty rubbish but yah #beproud #lol
16. The 10 Best Things About Christmas
17. New Book Releases In Time For Christmas
publishers are clever people you guys, there will always be heaps of great books releasing just in time for Christmas, so do a round-up of these!
18. The All-time Best Christmas Films
19. Christmas Photography
20. Winter Skincare
not Christmassy as such, but still a seasonal post!

21. The True Meaning Of Christmas/The Story Of Christmas
22. Which Shops Have The Best Boxing Day Sales
I know a lot of shops that have great Boxing Day sales, so let your readers know in advance so they can make sure they go there before all the good stock sells out.
23. Christmas Candle Collection
24. The Best Gift Sets From Various Brands
25. Fun Entertainment For All The Family On Christmas Day
So there you have it - 25 Christmas Blog Post Ideas so you will 100% not be stuck in the run-up to Christmas on what you can post about. I also thought of quite a few more but then it wouldn't have been a nice number (not that 25 is that nice of a number but you know what I mean!) and it probably would have been too long so tough ahah. Be prepared to see most of these posts from me in the run-up to Christmas and whoooo can't believe I've posted my first festive post of the year*
*p.s. I acc really love Christmas if that was not already obvious**
**if it wasn't it will become very clear, very soon btw ahahah
Xxx i'll be back soon for another post byeeeeee

Goodbye, Perfect (written by one of my fav authors!) | book review

Hola Lexicans! Today I've got a really exciting post as it's a book review of Goodbye, Perfect which is by one of my all-time favourite authors Sara Barnard! As soon as I found out Sara was releasing another YA book I was very, very excited (although kind of sad because it's not coming out until Feb next year and at the time it was only right at beginning of August so a good few months until the release) so when a copy of Goodbye, Perfect arrived in the post from the fabulous Bea at Pan Macmillan (thanks Bea!) I was majorly happy and I finished it in no time.* So obviously since I really loved it, I thought I'd share my opinions over here.**

*By the way if you haven't noticed I may be a teeny weeny bit of a fangirl when it comes to Sara and her books.
**Because that's what book bloggers do

Goodbye, Perfect is all about the strength of friendship, even when you're going through a tough time and about loyalty even when it involves lying to the police. It follows Eden, a tough girl, who would be labelled a 'bad influence' by many despite not really being one, who was faced with a struggle when her closest friend Bonnie ran off completely unexpected with her secret boyfriend whom Eden knew nothing about except his name Jack. For as long as they'd been friends, Eden and Bonnie had told each other everything and stuck together so naturally everyone assumed Eden would know everything about the runaway, why, what they were doing, whereabouts but instead Eden didn't know the ins and outs of Bonnie's plan except the address, which honouring their friendship, she would never give away even when the police got involved..

Image result for goodbye perfect

This book, particularly like one of other Sara's (amazing aha!) YA books Beautiful Broken Things, is centred around friendship. Since Bonnie ran away right at the beginning of the book we don't really meet her much except through phone calls, texts and Eden's flashbacks which I thought at first was interesting as I thought that 'you couldn't have a friendship that was really developed in a book where you barely meet half the friendship' but actually Sara managed to do this really well and I thought the friendship was an accurate representation of a lot of friendships.

On the subject of accurate representation, that's one of the things that I really love about Sara's writing. In Goodbye, Perfect, Eden had a messy, complicated and most importantly realistic family life which wasn't as pristine and polished as I find many families are. The plot wasn't based around families at all but Sara still included them and whilst I'm not adopted like Eden was, I could definitely see a lot of the relationships in families portrayed in my everyday life (with friends, bloggers or myself).

The only slight thing I would say about this book was that I found the very beginning and very ending not very BAM (if you know what I mean..?!) As in, particularly the end, I was hoping it would be a little more of a plot twist (but then again that does really kind of contradict my point above as otherwise it wouldn't have been as realistic so I did kind of love it that way too GAH)

Overall I loved this book (like I did with Beautiful Broken Things (see my review here) and A Quiet Kind Of Thunder (see my review here)) and when it comes out in Feb I would 1000000% recommend that if YA contemporary is your thing (or even if it isn't - step out your comfort zone mate) that you go buy this!

Also huge thanks once again to Bea for sending me a proof of this book, it was very exciting (the only annoying thing about proofs is I'll have to buy this book in stores anyway knowing me as I need all 3 of the covers together - I did that with BBT as well, I bought it on the Kindle, loved it and then decided I needed a physical copy of it too to go with my AQKOT!!)

So yah I'll be back soon with another post! Love you all:)