5th in the popular murder series: Mistletoe and Murder

Hola Lexicans! Today I'm back with a book review of Mistletoe and Murder - the 5th book in the popular murder series Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens.

Now, if you have read my blog a bit in the past, you should know by now, that alongside contemporary fiction, murder mysteries are my favourite genre. However, I've always found it very heard to find murder books in the young teens category. So when I came across the Murder Most Unladylike series earlier on in March I was delighted. I have met the author Robin Stevens before (at the Waterstones Children's Book Prize) and I actually got the privilege of receiving an early copy of the book for review so thank you Puffin for that.

I actually took my own picture!! Who's proud of me?

Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells, best friends and budding detectives, are spending Christmas together at Cambridge University, with Daisy's brother. Hazel is hoping that they will have a normal Christmas this year, with no murders but then terrible accidents start to occur, just before Christmas day and the girls have a new murder case on their hands. But with just 2 days before Christmas, will they catch the murderer in time?

Just like the other books, this was a truly gripping story and I spent all my spare time reading. One of the things I love most about murder mysteries are how they hook you in and make you sit on the edge of your seat and this book was just that. I loved the characters (although there are a lot of them, so you have to make sure you read the first chapter or so really carefully, or you may miss details about people out and later in the book not know who they are *guilty as charged*).

Overall I LOVED this book and would definitely recommend it to fans of a good mystery, aged from 8-14 years old. Have you read Robin's other books? Will you be grabbing a copy of this when it releases on October 20th.


Thank you so much to Harriet Venn at Puffin Books, for sending me an early copy of this book. She even wrapped it up like a Christmas present.



Hola Lexicans! TODAY WE NEED TO CELEBRATE. THAT MEANS STUFF CAKE IN YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW AND PARTY WITH ME. because today is my... wait for it.. wait for it.. 3 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!!!!! yess whooo *eats cake and chocolate* So, for my 3 year blogiversary, I have enlisted the help of my blogger besties (and I want YOU to join in too!) to complete a little challenge.

Basically, you have to come up with and answer 10 - 30 Favourites questions (e.g. Favourite food). BUT, you have to see how many questions you can come up with that no other bloggers who complete the challenge do.

Favourite ice-cream flavour: Hmm cookie dough or white chocolate
Favourite crisp flavour: SALT N VINEGAR
Favourite name (that isn't your own): Indigo or Isabelle
Favourite app: Colour Switch
Favourite character on Modern Family: Alex, Haley or Mitchell
Favourite chocolate bar: Dairy milk oreo all the way
Favourite number: 15
Favourite day of the year: Christmas!!
Favourite YouTuber(s): Zoella and ReadySetGlamour
Favourite make-up brand: Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay or Benefit
Favourite type of item of clothing: Tops
Favourite holiday: When we went to Thailand in the summer, or Boston in 2012.
Favourite word: Obble. I know this isn't actually a word but it sounds SO satisfying
Favourite letter: X
Favourite lesson: Drama
Favourite animal: Pandas
Favourite musical: The Lion King

So there are my favourites!!! HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOGGG! and remember to post your own Favourites, and try and make them as unique as possible!!! Make sure you comment once you've got involved.



My NaNo novel

Holaaa Lexicans! Today I am doing a post on the book I will be writing for NaNo (for my first time doing NaNo ahhh pass me cake (cake makes everything better ya know (I'm doing so many brackets in one bracket haha)))* SO i know that I already did a post on my WIP but being me I ditched that for my NEW story (ok just saying that I'm literally wondering how on earth I'm going to cope with NaNo).

Meet Arthur, a 60 year old man, two times divorced, now single, with no children, no friends and no one to turn to. To everyone else, Arthur is the classic grumpy, old, get-out-my-way, child hating man who sits in the same spot of the same coffee shop at the same time every day. Arthur is basically the Bounty in a box of Heroes, nutty, unlocked and always last to be picked**

*preferably a Victoria sponge - it's a classic, or a plain sponge with fresh strawberries and cream
**not to be chocolateist and I do know that there are some solid Bounty fans out there. Twirl is still better.

Arthur is living the same lonely routine every day, until a random 23 year old arrives at the coffee shop and changes Arthur's life forever... *cue suspense*

Now I am currently writing this story, but depending on how much I write and how I feel about it depends whether I start a new draft for NaNo or finish the one I've started!

The cast are:
Arthur (old, grumpy)
Kate (mid 20s, funny, brown hair and green eyes)
Lizzie (Kate's age, very pretty,  doesn't care about Arthur)
Charlotte (3 or 4, has beautiful blonde curls, reminds Arthur of his daughter)
Michelle (Arthur's first wife)
Shannon (Arthur's second wife)

So that's a little snippet of information about my story, and let me know if you'd like to hear more information + little samples from the story! Is this the sort of thing you like the sound of? Will you be doing NaNo this year?